hidden in the Sequatchie Valley with a view of the Grand Canyon

Schultz Recording Studios

Our Equipment


Our main studio is controlled by an Apple Mac Pro with a 3.5 Ghz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 processor with 16 GB of memory running at 1866 Mhz.The main DAW software is Avid Pro Tools which is suplemented by Universal Audio's Console. Pro Tools is further enhanced with the Artist Mix control surface by Avid and the Avid Pro Tools Dock. The Dock gives the engineer intelligent studio control with touch screen access and tictile precision control needed to navigate music and post projects faster.


There are a total of 16 preamp inputs. Eight are from Universal Audio Apollo 8p and eight from Audient ASP 880. These two units form the basis of a solid clean recorded signal for your project. And Universal Audio's Console allows the legendary plug-ins from UA to be inserted on each channel with the processing handled internally without tying up the computer resouces. These plug-ins can either be just monitored or recorded on the track.



There is a generous selection of microphones from Neumann u87Ai and TLM 102, a Rode NTK valve condenser, Shure SM 57s and 58s, AKG C414, sE8 (matched pair) and a Shure drum kit selection.


Our cue system is the Behringer PowerPlay that delivers the individual tracks over ethernet to the musicans. Each player can individualy adjust their mix to suit. Control Room monitors are JBL LSR 308 and LSR 310S.


Available musical instruments include a Gibson 1953 guitar hollowbody with f ports, a Fender Newporter acoustic guitar, a Windaroo acoustic guitar, a Yamaha 88 key Clavinova, a Yamaha acoustic console piano, a Hammond M3 Organ (same toe generators ass the B3) and a PDP drum kit with Paiste cymbols.