hidden in the Sequatchie Valley with a view of the Grand Canyon

Schultz Recording Studios

There’s a new recording studio in the heart of the Sequatchie Valley for you – the musician. Call 678-231-7348 today and schedule a visit to see for yourself.

Pro Tools + Universal Audio

Pro Tools

Pro Tools is the leading music production software in the industry. We have supplemented that with Avid's Artist Mix series control surface and the Avid Pro Tools Dock for full integration with the Pro Tools software.

Universal Audio

The primary interface for our Pro Tools software is with 16 UA Apollo pre-amps, augmented with an additional 8 Audient pre-amps for a total of 24 simultaneous inputs. The patchbay allows multiple configurations.

Comfortable Environment

The spaces have an attractive design and a comfortable feel. Dimmers control all of the lighting to create the desired mood. Individual isolation rooms are provided for vocals and drums, apart from the main studio room and a  convenient lounge area is provided for guests and for downtime between takes.

Acoustical Design

All four studio spaces have been acoustically designed for maximum control of the sound within that space. Bass traps are in all corners and broadband traps strategically placed for optimum response.